Kappa Carrageenan

  • If you like peanut butter, you're going to love this melt in your mouth custard recipe. Just a few ingredients and fifteen minutes of prep time to create this tasty treat.

  • This delicious recipe is essentially a low fat dessert which is low in cholesterol and a lacto-vegetarian diet. The recipe uses carrageenans to produce custard like texture with a velvety mouth feel.

  • Here is a quick and tasty homemade cheddar cheese wheel recipe that completely excludes dairy in its ingredients - it's the perfect answer to vegan cheese and crackers.

  • The key to the success of this custard is a blend of kappa carrageenan and iota carrageenan, naturally occurring food gums derived from red seaweed that imbue this custard with its remarkable heat-stable texture. Though carrageenan is associated nowadays with modernist cooking, it has been used in the kitchen for centuries.