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Franco-American Cream Cheese

Franco-American Cream Cheese

This special cream cheese recipe is an American version of soft French cheese.

  Total Time: 45 Min 

  Yield: Serves 5-6


This special cream cheese recipe is an American version of soft French cheese. It can serve as spread/filling and also be used to make various desserts like cheesecake, pureed soup, ice cream, pastry dough, just name it. You can use it as a substitute for butter when making cake or cookies. Cream cheese is a rich source of protein and high in vitamin B12. It has lesser fat compared to butter and generally, cheese is the best dietary source for calcium. It is therefore advisable to consume diets rich in calcium because of the magnificent works of calcium in the body.

How to Make It:

Step 1:


Place the milk in a sauce pan and place on stove to boil.

Step 2:

Put the Cape Crystal citric acid in a mixing container and add ¼ of water to it. The essence of the water is to dissolve and neutralize the citric acid.

Step 3:


Within 5-minutes the milk will begin to boil. As the milk boils, add the citric acid little by little till you add it all,  but not all at once. The citric acid allows the milk to coagulate or curdle.

Step 4:

After adding all the citric acid, allow to boil for 1-minute and take off the coagulated milk, and place in a muslin cloth to drain. Allow the coagulated/ curdled milk drain excess water from the muslin cloth by putting a weighty load on it for 3-5minutes.

Step 5:

Add yogurt and salt (optional) to the drained milk and blend until it becomes thick and creamy using a blender or food processor. 

Step 6:


Transfer the blended paste again to the muslin cloth and tie. Allow excess liquid to drain for 15 minutes.

Step 7:


Collect the cream cheese and put in a container to refrigerate for several hours until it is ready for use.

Step 8:

Now just enjoy cream cheese as spread/fill for bread and biscuit or in combination with other foods.

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